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Helping Ondevice step up their game by solidifying their brand and creating an effortless customer interface.

London-based research agency, 10+employee

They help some of the world’s leading brands, ad agencies and media owners to understand the effectiveness of their online and offline advertising. Using advanced proprietary technology and access to the UK’s largest mobile panel, they can reach engaged consumers and gather quality responses to client campaigns.

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Main struggles

Ondevice web experience before working with me was tedious. There was no clear brand representation making it indigestible for their customers. Finding their services and specific content was long and confusing for their new and old users.

With a new brand in my head, I started my process by creating their visual identity from scratch. The Ondevice team loved my solutions so much that the process evolved into a complete brand guideline definition! The project then emerged into Ondevice website redesign and presentation template redesign for both desktop and mobile platform.

No tricks. Just strategy:


Align our understanding of the product through several Discovery Sessions


Fill and review strategic canvases; review and confirm them with team


Jump on developing a new visual identity from scratch along with marketing materials, and UX/UI guidelines


Deliver their visual identity

Let’s get straight to digital

New marketing website

This project phase took me a while. However, the component-based approach allowed us to finish up Ondevice product parts in the matter of just a couple of months.

A team at Ondevice found my process highly adaptable and easy to understand. It allowed them to shorten their development time and quickly integrate the new design language for their upcoming marketing website.


The website still under development.

Live website

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