Lumos 365 are a Microsoft Partner specialising in utilising the best cloud platform and business applications to optimise business process to support operational excellence.


My role:
UI and UX design


Live Website

Objective: Create a new website structure and design for easier content access to their customers.

Solution: I reshape the sitemap based on the different type of users – more direct access for each group based on their interest. Develop a new navigation bar which helps the users locating the content easily and quickly, reducing the click count on the page.

Redesign their website based on high-level market research, introduce a new style with high-quality images to show their unique market place

01 Homepage

02 Colour palette

03 Typography

Avant Garde Book
28 PX
Avant Garde Demi Normal
18 PX
Avant Garde Book
18 PX

04 Presentation

05 Sitemap

06 Mobile screens

07 Iconography

08 Other screens

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